Sunday, April 23, 2017

Small Victories

I haven't done all that well year-to-date on my annual goals. Each day I seem to lament what I didn't get done/what I should have done.

So in this post, I want to talk about a few things I've done right this week.

I went to the gym four days this week--only the second time this year.

I went through all my blouses in both closets and culled the blouses that I want to keep and will give the others to Goodwill. I still need to re-organize the clothes in my drawers--I have too many t-shirts.

As part of my prep for my performance evaluation, I went through several folders of tutoring notes. I recycled most of the papers and saved what I needed. This is the first step of a major re-organization.

First steps can be hard. I'm glad I made first steps on three projects this past week.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Anniversary to Lola!

We celebrate one year with Lola today. We wanted to go for a hike at Lake Mohegan or Babcock Preserve, followed by a visit to Sedona Tap House. Unfortunately, it was raining when we walked outside. We decided to try the part of the Norwalk River Valley Trail that Lola and I visited Thursday from Sharp Hill Road to Twin Oak Lane. The rain stopped and we enjoyed a walk of about 40 minutes.

Lola is standing in form of a display of "hero rocks."

To the left of the rocks is a sitting area (although hard to make out in this photo.)

On the way home, I saw signs for the Wilton Library Book Sale. I ran in while Jeff and Lola explored Schenck's Island. I had recently discovered Schenck's but didn't know how nice it was. Lola and I will return: three of ten.

It started raining again, so we couldn't dine outside at Sedona Tap House. We picked up a steak sandwich and fries and had a late lunch at home.

Now I'm headed into the kitchen to make duck breast and salmon for a special dinner.

Reading the (Female) Detectives

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been reading mysteries. After I read Breakdown, I read Brush Back, which had been the latest VI Warshawski mystery. Last Sunday's New York Times reviewed a new book, Fallout. 

I went to the library: I'm fifth on the Fallout waiting list. The library expects to receive multiple copies, so the wait might not be too long.

I just finished Critical Mass. This book takes place between Breakdown and Brush Back, but I missed it. I also picked up Deep Pockets, a Carlotta Carlyle mystery. I'm also reading this book out of order. By googling, I discovered there's a later Carlotta book I haven't read (Lie Down with the Devil.)

Most mystery/detective books I've read feature female detectives. Nancy Drew is the first series I remember reading; I was in a book club and received monthly installments. I also read Trixie Belden, Judy Bolton and the Dana Girls.

The first VI Warshawki and Kinsey Millhone books were published in 1982. Carlotta Carlyle first appeared in 1987. I'm not sure how I found VI or Kinsey or which one I read first, but obviously, I've enjoyed both series.

They are similar in some ways: both are licensed private investigators, divorced, runners, involved with musicians at some point, often at odds with the police, committed to their clients, smart and determined. Both have older male neighbors as confidants and friends.

Kinsey is a loner, almost anti-social. She's an orphan without family at least for part of the series. In later books, Kinsey discovers relatives from both sides of her family. She seems to have only one friend--Henry, her landlord and neighbor. In the series Kinsey's had three short-term romantic relationships. Kinsey was once a police officer before she went private. She never seems to cook--eating cereal, sandwiches, Big Macs and strange meals at Rosie's Tavern. One last thing that makes a big difference in her stories--Kinsey is "trapped" in the eighties--the setting of her mysteries--in her thirties.

VI is more social and comes from a large family. Friends and relatives are the catalysts for many of her cases. I think she has had three long-term relationships--although I'm not sure about the length of one (Conrad)--and a few other relationships. VI loves food and is a good cook. She is also a singer. VI is a feminist and a progressive; most--if not all--of her cases involve white collar crime. One predictable thing in VI mysteries--the rich/corporate people are almost always the guilty criminals.

I haven't read a Carlotta Carlyle mystery for years. She's tall, red-headed, a cab driver, a former cop, a guitar player. Carlotta has a long term off and on relationship with her cab company boss (or owner?) Sam, who has a mob family background. Carlotta is a devoted Big Sister.  I don't remember many details. I'll have to write more after I read Deep Pockets.

I prefer to read about female detectives, though I've read about male detectives such as Spenser, Lord Peter Wimsey and Sam Spade. I identify more with the women, I guess. There's no residual narrative sexism. (Hmm, what exactly is residual narrative sexism anyway? I like the phrase: did I just invent it?)

I'm  not sure if I'll continue with my mystery reading binge. For now, on to Carlotta.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Two of Ten

Lola and I returned to the Wilton Loop of the Norwalk River Valley Trail.We waited until late afternoon: it rained in the morning, and I was doing laundry in the afternoon.

This is the second new trail for us; my goal is to take Lola to ten new hiking spots this year. 

We started in the parking lot on Autumn Trail that we discovered last Saturday. My plan (same as Saturday's) was to walk for a half hour and then turn back. After 20 minutes, the trail ended. We continued around a curve but that also ended. We still had a nice walk. We saw a few joggers and a few people with other dogs.

Lola enjoyed herself, but seemed to want to walk longer. There will be other days.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Back to the Gym

I returned to the gym after a week-and-a-half. It would have been easy to blow it off today--I didn't manage to get there until after 10. It helped that I dressed in my gym clothes first thing.

I had a decent workout: back, biceps, abs and 30 minutes on the cross-trainer. Often the first return visit after a break is a tough one, so I was  relatively pleased.

In my off-gym time the past week-and-a-half, I wasn't completely sedentary. That helped. I went on three hikes,(Lake Mohegan and two at Cranbury Park) a long walk (the Wilton branch of the Norwalk River Valley Trail) and two home exercise sessions. Plus a few shorter walks with Lola.

My plan is to hit the gym four times this week and take many long walks with Lola.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Brunch, A Hike, A Sunshower

Today was a unseasonably warm Easter with temperatures in the low 80's. We joined Jeff's family for brunch at The Ridgewood Country Club. We had custom Bloody Mary's made tableside, with choices of vodka, other ingredients, rim, and garnishes. Among many other offerings I had clams on the half shell, lobster roll, blueberry pancakes, bacon, a scone, ham, green beans, mac and cheese, salad and mini lemon pudding cakes for dessert. It was delicious.

We returned home, changed clothes and took Lola to Cranbury Park for a 1.25 hour hike. The carving on this tree caught my eye. Let's go Mets!

Here's a picture Jeff took of Lola today. 

We drove home from Cranbury Park in a sun shower. Unfortunately no rainbow appeared afterwards.


I forgot to post this photo from Lake Mohegan last Sunday, but it seems appropriate today; paper Easter eggs strung on the lower branches. Pretty good picture, considering it was so bright I couldn't see the image on my cell phone.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Today's Walk

One of my goals this year was to explore ten new hiking spots.Today we explored one--the Wilton loop of the Norwalk River Valley Trail. We walked from Route Seven, across from Orem's Diner, to Sharpe Hill Road.

I loved the part of the trail we walked. Although close to Route 7, we walked through woods and wetlands for about 35 minutes before turning back. We found another parking area so we can use that as a starting point next time.

This route will become part of Lola's regular hiking rotation.