Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Let's Not Talk About Last Week

My postings have been light (actually non-existent) for the last week-plus. I was dealing with a bad cold and didn't want to whine about it--especially after my last whining and complaining post. I had a relatively busy work week. Because the SAT was last Saturday, I could only reschedule one appointment. I just hope I didn't get any students sick. It was an exhausting week.

Let's focus on good things. Friday night we had a nice Dog Park Friday. We know our Fridays are numbered with daylights savings time ending, so we appreciate the evenings we have left. We just don't see our dog park friends that much in the winter months.

Mindful of other opportunities that will soon be gone, Jeff, Spike and I visited Nik's for a Sunday lunch of gyros. Afterwards we went on a loop around the dog park. Reminiscent of another visit to Niks but at the beginning of a season.

Yesterday was a beautiful example of Indian summer: sunny with temps in the 70's. Spike and I managed a brief early afternoon dog park visit before my tutoring appointment.

Hmmm, my good things this week all revolve around the dog park. I guess it all comes down to Spike.

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