Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What I've Been Reading

Early this year, I was looking through posts to see what books I read last year--assuming I would post about them. As many people overestimate the amount of exercise they get, I apparently overestimate the number of books I read. for 2014, I made a goal to read at least a book a month.

I haven't come close. In January, I read a short book from a Ridgefield historian. He was selling his books on Main Street one day, and I bought them to support him. The one I read wasn't that good. Next I re read Einstein for Beginners. Next up was Reading Lolita in Tehran.  Most recently, I finished The Red Leather Diary.

I'm reading other things: magazines, newspapers, online news and reviews, but my book list to date is pitiful. I doubt I'll make up eight books in the next 10 weeks.

Wait til next year.

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