Monday, June 1, 2015

On Time Management and To-Do Lists

A recent post describes a week derailed. I realize how much more my week would have been affected if Spike had been a child rather than a dog.

I wrote last year that I can't expect what to expect.

These thoughts are swirling in my mind. As I write this, I realize that I won't get to bed early, which was my plan about an hour ago. But when I was doing the dishes, I realized that I needed to write. I've been remiss in blogging; my last post took me several days to finish. Even if no one's reading, I'm better when I write.

After my derailed week and feeling wiped out by a severe allergy season, I started this week by trying to be focused and goal oriented. Today my goals were to go to the gym, make carrot ginger soup, clean the kitchen (maybe the bath too) and tutor.

But it occurred to me that today was a perfect opportunity to make chili. It was rainy and cool and I didn't have to work until 4. So, I changed my plans. After my workout, I stopped at the grocery store to get two cans of crushed tomatoes. I had everything else I needed to make a double batch of flank steak chili. The result is that the kitchen floor is still dirty, but I have more food options for the next two weeks. We had chili for dinner tonight with a salad. I froze about half of the remaining chili and have a few lunches or dinners of chili in the frig. Tomorrow we'll try the carrot ginger soup at dinner. I also froze almost half of that. I think the sacrifice of a clean kitchen floor was worth it.

Tomorrow is my late night; I work from 4 to 9. I need to prep for a tutoring student and my ACT class.Thinking about a pasta salad for dinner along with the carrot ginger soup. I should be able to clean the kitchen floor too.

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