Thursday, December 17, 2015

TV's Fargo

Fargo is one of my favorite movies.

I was skeptical about about the TV series until I heard that the Coens were involved.We gave it a try, and I loved it. In the first season, I tried to match show characters to the film's. TV's Lester was the closest to the Jerry character in the film, but Lester was worse. He actually killed his first wife, and then allowed his second wife to be killed. At least Jerry "only" had his wife kidnapped.

At first, I thought Molly wasn't smart enough to stand in for Marge. But Marge was already a success when we see her in the film. In the show we watch Molly become an excellent police office

In the first season, Molly was awesome; so was her dad Lou. The acting was solid; the story intricate and compelling.

I've been obsessed with the second season. Lou is back as a younger state police officer. Molly is an young girl around six. The season's plot revolves around a local crime family's battle against the acquisition hungry Kansas City mob, a car accident and its aftermath, and the story of Lou and Molly's family.

The finale aired on Monday. For me, it was a slight letdown from the action-packed penultimate show. But that's what it was supposed to be--a denouement for the season. I need to re-watch it. I have mixed feelings about Lou and Peggy's conversation.

Overall, the second season was incredible. The story was fascinating--I couldn't wait until the next installment. The acting was incredible. There were so many layers. I'd like to re-watch it all.

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