Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Thoughts

This has been a transitional kind of week. Four of my tutoring students are taking the ACT tomorrow. They got a lucky break because it snowed this morning--enough to cancel the local schools, but the roads were cleared by the afternoon--the test will go on as planned. I had just written about a similar scenario a few weeks ago. I hope my students were able to take advantage of this extra time to prepare.

The other day I looked at my calendar and got a little nervous. I only had three students continuing after Saturday. Then I got two new students. One is a student who I tutored last summer for the ACT. This time, he wants to try the SAT. It's a good sign.

Another good sign: I got approval for a raise request.  I don't know the amount of the increase yet. I'll be surprised if I get my full request, but an increase is definitely good news.  

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