Monday, May 12, 2014

Bark in the Park

Yesterday Jeff, Spike and I headed to Citi Field for a special Bark in the Park day. We've been to two or three at Shea Stadium, but this was our first at Citi. We were worried about rain that had been predicted earlier in the week, but the weather was warm and sunny. If anything, it was a little too warm for the dogs; Spike spent much of his time under our seats. We used my promotional Mother's Day t-shirt to help shade him.

After the fourth inning, we moved up to the concession area which offered a little shade, and left the game early. If it had just been Jeff and me, we would have stayed for the whole game. But we didn't want Spike to be too uncomfortable. He was clearly warm, but in good spirits, especially when he got a hot dog. On the way out, I received a World's Best Dog Mom coffee mug.

On the ride home, we listened to the rest of the game. It went into extra innings. Even leaving early, we hit a lot of traffic. I was glad we left when we did.

The Mets beat the Phillies 5-4 in the 11th inning, after tying it in the 9th. Ruben Tejada singled in the winning run. The Mets had lost five in a row. This was a big win. As I've written this post, the Mets beat the Yankees 9-7, on four home runs and a brilliant defensive play by Lucas Duda. Let's keep this streak going. One more win and we're back to a .500 record.


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