Thursday, May 1, 2014

WPA Mural Docent Training

Norwalk has one of the largest collection of artworks from the 1930's Works Progress Administration; many are located in City Hall. Yesterday I had my second of five training sessions to become a docent. The eight of us in the program are from backgrounds of education, art history, history and marketing. 

Last week I read through a large notebook of materials that the trainer provided. The materials include some good background information about art visualization techniques, and many factoids about the artists. But I was a bit frustrated. I needed more information--more facts about the artworks themselves (not just a list of people in some of the paintings.)

I had some trouble getting my point across, but finally made myself clear. A few people seemed to agree with me; one offered to give me some fact tidbits. Later the trainer acknowledged that all of us will bring something different to the program, and all of our tours will be different.

By the end of the session, I was having fun. I'm psyched about this program; I think I'll do a good job

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