Sunday, August 17, 2014

Posting or Not

I wrote my last post at a writing retreat of sorts. Unfortunately, the promised Internet connection did not materialize and I couldn't post what I had written.

In the days leading to my writing getaway, I thought a lot about what I wanted to work on.  I had hoped that August would be a more productive month for me. It wasn't. I've only written two blog posts and a few hundred words of a novel. I don't know where the novel is headed.

August has been tough in other ways as well. The month is half over and I've only gone to the gym twice. My work load has lightened, but it's been intense in some ways.

Even though I didn't do much writing, the getaway was valuable for me. I spent some time with my friend Darlene; plus it was nice to just go away somewhere for a few days.

That "retreat" deserves a post of its own. Maybe a short story with just a few exaggerations.

At least I can say I've got some inspiration.

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