Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summer Saturday at Lake Mohegan

Today was the best day of Labor Day Weekend, so we went to Lake Mohegan for a hike. The hike was a little unsettling. Spike walked at a much slower pace than usual. That was fine, but then he made what I consider some reckless moves walking down on rocks to get closer to the water. Those moves made me nervous.

Things have changed very suddenly with Spike. When I was away for two days earlier this month, he could no longer jump on the couch or the bed. We've discussed getting him a set of stairs  before, but he would recover and we didn't have to follow through.

Today, we didn't let him swim at the first dog beach area; there were many dogs there and Jeff thought it would be better for Spike to swim without the distraction of other dogs. (Plus the larger dogs get to Spike's balls before he does.)

When we did get to a good spot for Spike to swim, he seemed to perk up. Other people in the area were quite impressed with Spike's activity when they learned he's almost 14 years old.

Their comments made me happy. I tend to focus on how Spike is slowing down, but he's actually doing quite well for his age--according to a pamphlet from our vet, he will be the equivalent of 78 years old.

Spike is awesome.

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