Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Lovely Day...

Today was a good day. Why? There was no great news today. Instead, it was some good little things that added up. I thought it was important to acknowledge the good things. Usually, it's the small bad things that bring me down.

The weather cooled down. Monday and Tuesday were warm and humid. I didn't want to complain about heat about our bitter winter, but I was happy when it cooled down. Spike took me for a long walk. As I've said before, that's a good sign that he's feeling well.

Then I had a great workout for the second consecutive day. I used free weights both days. I then cooked and prepped meals. I made lentil salad and carrot jicama salad.

The biggest downside of the day was when Spike refused to get into the car to go to the dog park.

Silly boy.

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