Monday, May 4, 2015

DPF and Summer Clothes

Jeff was working from home on Friday; I was finishing an editing job. As 5 PM drew near, we talked about going to the dog park. I was hesitant--I still had some work to do, but decided to go. I had already picked up a rotisserie chicken for dinner, and Jeff agreed to make the sides.

We saw a few friends there who decided they couldn't wait any longer for our first dog park Friday. The weather wasn't ideal--somewhere around 50 degrees--but we needed to kick off the season.We had some wine and caught up on the news.

This morning I couldn't find a blouse I wanted to wear. I realized that I had put it with the summer clothes in the closet of the second bedroom. So I moved heavier long sleeved blouses and pants into the second bedroom, and brought back the short sleeved and sleeveless blouses.

Winter is finally banished.

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