Sunday, May 17, 2015


It's been a few weeks since I've written about the Mets. During their magical early season winning streak, I wanted to praise them daily. Then it ended. I really wished for one more win. Then the Mets would have established a team record winning streak.

I was annoyed that it was the Yankees who stopped them. But at least that loss didn't hurt the Mets in the NL East standings.

Unfortunately, the Mets have played pretty poorly since then. They lost series to the Yankees, Marlins and Nationals. They won the next two series against the Orioles and the Phillies. But then the Mets were swept in a four game series at Wrigley Field. They returned home only to be shut out 0-7 by the lowly Brewers (now 13-24.) I couldn't even finish watching Friday night's game. It was just too much.

When we turned on the game last night, the Mets were leading 1-0. So far, so good. Then the Mets exploded for a 10-run fourth inning. They eventually won 14-1, giving Jacob deGrom a much needed win and a season record of 4-4. deGrom got in on the offense himself, going three-for-three.

As I write this, the Mets are up 5-0 in the top of the fifth. They are tops in the National League East, leading the Nationals by a half-game. Several players remain on the DL, including Captain David Wright and starting catcher Travis d'Arnaud. The Cardinals are heading into town for four games: this week will be the biggest challenge of the season to-date.

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