Saturday, March 19, 2016

Calf Pasture Beach

I hadn't been to Calf Pasture Beach in years, but have gone there twice in the past week. Last Wednesday was the nicest day of the year to date. I thought of walking down to Mathews Park (about four blocks away.) Instead, I drove down to the beach for a walk.  My thinking was similar to the thinking that led Jeff and me to Devil's Den. No dogs are ever allowed at Calf Pasture.

I like living in a coastal town. In New Jersey, I lived inland--about an hour from the beach. But as much as people trash New Jersey, it has beautiful beaches. Those in Connecticut can't compare. But it's still nice to walk along the water.

So nice I went back a week later and bought myself lunch.

I looked out at the water and thought of other beaches I had walked and this WPA mural.


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