Friday, April 22, 2016

Closet Cleaning Contemplation

Closet cleaning is always on my rotating to-do list. Of course, that doesn't mean it will get done in a timely manner. It may have been four years since I've done a thorough cleaning, removing everything from our largest closet, and working from there.

I emptied the closet and then figured what things to put back and where to put them. I was surprised at some of the things I found. Why did we have so many plastic and paper bags?  I like to reuse and recycle, but damn--there were just too many--so I tossed a bunch. I wonder why we saved too many to use.

Onto clothes: we bagged a few jackets and a vest for Goodwill. I added some planters and we have some glassware from my recent kitchen reorganization.

Living in a relatively small space has helped me with purging possessions. I remember going through boxes in my parents attic and finding real estate magazines. I didn't understand why I kept them, other than that I had space. Not a good idea.

I'm better at purging than Jeff. His philosophy is if we have room, keep things. I think more about what don't we need. I still have to confess that I regret getting rid of some of my books.

I've heard about (but haven't read) The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It sounds too extreme for me. But it did encourage me to get rid of a few things.

For now, we've gotten rid of enough. Let's relax. 

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