Friday, April 15, 2016


The Mets were the subject of my last optimistic post. Watching the Mets since then has not made me feel optimistic. They kept losing and losing badly, until they finally eked out a win Wednesday afternoon. If Mets wins correlated to my posts, I'd post every game day. If only. Mets fans are always waiting for the other shoe to drop...ominously.

We had a mild winter, but a cold spring with at least three snow events, two in April. It's been weird. I think we can finally relax into spring.

Jeff just finished a two-to-four week project that lasted eight weeks. He's happy that he doesn't have to commute to lower Manhattan anymore.

I have three students on hiatus. Unless I get some new students (please) I'll be off for another week or so. This is unusual at this time of year. I tell myself not to worry, new students will come, but it's hard.

Where do we go from here? This is what I have to figure out. 

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