Friday, April 22, 2016

Welcome Lola!

Today we brought Lola to her new home. She had been living at Danbury Animal Welfare Society. Lola spent most of the day under our drop-leaf table or a chair.

We knew she was shy. When we met her last week, she immediately ran under a chair in the cubicle at the shelter. I asked if it would help if we brought another dog out to join us. Instead we went outside where Lola seemed like a different dog. She still wasn't really interacting with us, but she was much more relaxed.

We met another beagle mix that day--Daphne, an eight month puppy. Daphne was friendlier and livelier. She jumped up on us, let us rub her tummy. As we submitted our application, we weren't sure whether to select Lola or Daphne. We had to pick one; I thought that Lola needed us more. We did have the option to switch to Daphne. We thought we'd be happy with either.

After some discussions, we decided to stick with Lola. It's been a confusing day for her, a bit frightening too. Earlier tonight she met one of the other dogs in the building and seemed to relax a bit. We just have to be patient and love her.

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