Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

Today did not go as planned.

I had invited my mother for brunch. Actually I gave her the option of coming here (although I'd drive her back and forth) or going out to a restaurant (despite my misgivings about going to restaurants on holidays.) She chose to come here and meet Lola.

I did a lot of cleaning especially in the last two days. I really should invite people over more often because it inspires/forces me to clean. It also gives me an excuse to play this song. (Note: I don't get why the video images include a woman in rollers brandishing a frying pan.)

Today's brunch menu was scrambled eggs, bacon, banana bread and a fruit soup. We got vanilla and chocolate ice cream for dessert--mom's favorite.

When the phone rang at 8:50, I knew it was her and that she'd cancel. It was and she did. She didn't feel up to going out. So Jeff and I ate the eggs, bacon and some of the banana bread.  We'll have the fruit soup with dinner. Jeff's in charge of dinner because we celebrate pet mother's and father's day. So today's my day.

Two years ago, we went to a Bark in the Park Mother's Day at Citi Field, and I got this mug. It's not the best photo--it reads World's Best Dog Mom. That was Spike's only visit to Citi; he had been to Shea Stadium two or three times. I remember how excited I was the first time when I realized we got to walk around the warning track. We have a great picture of Spike from that first day.

Jeff and I talked about taking Lola to a Bark in the Park. She's nowhere close to being ready for something like that. As I write this, she's back under the drop-leaf table. She's making lots of progress, but it's slow. (I'll write another post about that soon.)

We think Lola may be a mother, but we don't have much information about her. She's from Kentucky. She was called a stray, but she might have been dropped off at a pound there. She knows how to walk on a leash, so someone somewhere taught her.

We're going to make new happy memories for her on Mother's Day and everyday. 

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