Thursday, June 23, 2016

In a Funk

June is winding down. It's been a slow work time for me. High pollen counts have been wiping me out. My journaling, housework and exercise have been sporadic, my blogging a rare occurrence.

I don't know if there's some kind of causation. It'd be easy to blame everything on the pollen. Or did the funk cause the lack of journaling, etc? Maybe the lack of journaling, etc. caused the funk. Watching the Braves sweep the Mets last weekend didn't help--especially because the Nationals were losing to the Cubs.

My time management is shot to hell. I knew June would be slow work-wise, but I told myself I would use the time to continue new SAT practice, start a new docent project and do some household cleaning and organizing. Well, that didn't happen.

Sometimes I just have to let myself be in a funk. That's been a long term strategy of mine.Wallow in heartache and self-pity for a bit, give myself a few minutes to imagine and exaggerate the worst in a stressful situation.

Ultimately, I can't allow myself to stay in a funk for too long. This week I  gave myself a few daily goals and completed them. It doesn't do me any good to look behind and regret. Instead I'll look forward and hope.

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