Friday, June 3, 2016

May: The Month That Was

The highlight and priority of May was Lola. The upside of me not working much has been the time that I can spend with her. Lola had been here just over a week as May began. She was just beginning to come out from under the table and get used to us.

Things have progressed well since then. Lola has loved her outings--especially to Taylor Farm. On good days, I take her to both Mathews and Taylor Farm Parks. She usually focuses on the rabbits, but is getting more sociable with the other dogs.

Dog Park Fridays (DPF's) started for us in May--we finally got some decent Friday weather. Lola doesn't quite got the hanging out aspect of DPF.

Lola's been out to lunch twice.We took her to Nik's near the dog park one Saturday afternoon. The next day we took her to Sedona Taphouse and enjoyed beers and sliders outside.That was to celebrate my birthday and Lola's one month anniversary with us.

We are loving our time with Lola and know we made the right choice. 

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