Thursday, March 13, 2014

Trying to Catch Catching Fire

We had wanted to watch Catching Fire on the big screen, but didn't quite get it together. So I was psyched when I saw that we could watch it on demand. We sat down early Saturday night and decided we had plenty of time to re-watch The Hunger Games before Catching Fire. We even had popcorn.

It didn't quite work as planned. We did watch The Hunger Games. Then, about an hour into Catching Fire, we paused it (probably to walk Spike) and it got stuck. We tried to advance it, but it bounced back to a scene about a half hour into the film.

We re-watched the middle of the film, but I dozed off before we got to our original stopping point.

Finally on Sunday night, we were able to see the rest of the film.

It was good.

I liked Hunger Games more than Catching Fire. I think that's because I didn't read The Hunger Games first. Most of the time, I prefer the book to the film version. (My notable exceptions: Dolores Claiborne and The Dead Zone. Is it a coincidence that they're both books by Stephen King? That could be another blog post.)

Although I liked this film a lot, I didn't get a good idea of the players and strategies involved in the 75th Hunger Games. As Jeff mentioned, we didn't even get to see all the players.

Still, a good movie. I wish Mockingjay could be one movie, but I'll gladly watch two.

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