Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring is in the Air

It hit 50 degrees today, and felt wonderful. For the first time in weeks, I didn't have to wear my winter coat or gloves on my morning walk with Spike; I found myself smiling. Later this afternoon, Jeff, Spike and I visited Taylor Farm dog park. It was in bad shape--puddled and muddy--but at least we made it. It was my first visit in 2014.

I've been off my game lately. One of my last posts described frustration. That frustration has lingered, continuing into this week. I've done what I had to do--prepared for and made all my teaching and tutoring appointments, done the laundry, shopped for food and other necessities, made meals. But, I couldn't seem to manage any more.

This relentless winter has affected me more than I realized. Even today, as I enjoyed the sunlight, I saw baseball fields covered in snow, and mounds of dirt, ice and dirt along the roads.

Tonight we spring forward... with hope for a new season.

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