Tuesday, June 17, 2014

South African Wine Tasting and BBQ

Saturday afternoon (the 7th) we went to a fundraiser for Shakespeare on the Sound featuring a wine tasting and a South African Braai barbecue. From BBQ to BRAII!.

We couldn't have asked for a better event. The weather was sunny and beautiful. The wine tasting was set up in a tent with a perimeter of 15 tables. One to check in attendees, one selling trips to Africa, one selling perfumes and lotions, one soliciting additional donations for Shakespeare on the Sound. Ten tables offered wine for tasting and purchasing. I estimate somewhere between 80 and 100 wines available for tasting, about 40 to 50 available for purchase. A long buffet table offered food that had been grilled right outside the tent.

We knew we'd have to pace ourselves. We started one loop doing only whites and roses. We stopped after Table 5 to eat some food: shish kebab, grilled vegetables, shrimp and avocado, mini sausage sandwiches. We finished our white loop, then went back to table one to try reds, concentrating on pinotage. After Table 5, we took a second food break.

We had discovered pinotage  sometime in the 1990's at a restaurant in Port Chester, New York Grill FX. I remember tasting our first taste of Faithful Hound here. I still miss that place.

We've been to several wine tastings and never quite know what to expect. The  event was a wonderful mix of food and drink and socializing. The best part, it was only $20 a person. I hope it earned a lot of money for Shakespeare on the Sound.

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