Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thoughts of May

I figure I better write this post before it gets too deep into June and summer.

May has always been one of my favorite months. Part of May's charm is that my birthday is in May (more on that later.) Then there's Memorial Day Weekend--the unofficial beginning of summer. With a tiered holiday system, it may be the first official holiday of the year since New Year's Day.

(Note: in my later days working at Pitney Bowes Credit, the office was open on days such as MLK Day and President's Day. If you worked those days, you got credit for a vacation day. I loved that system. MLK and President's Days were usually light work days because many people were off or thought you were off, and you got to extend your vacation time.)

Back to my birthday: it's always been a reason to celebrate. We had wanted to go to an sidewalk festival and then eat at a dog friendly place with Spike. Rain derailed those plans, but we still had a nice time. We had drinks and appetizers at Bar Sugo. We intended to leave after one drink, but it started pouring. Luckily the appetizers were delicious. Then we headed to the Norwalk Historical Society for an artist reception. Then back to Bar Sugo for dinner. Delicious.

This is my 59th birthday. 59 sounds old to me; I'm working on getting used to 60. I tried to find an appropriate quote from AbFab clips, but no such luck. I was thinking of Marshall saying that Bo hadn't started forties therapy. I need sixties therapy myself.

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