Monday, September 1, 2014

Veronica Mars: The Movie

I was psyched to hear about this movie. I didn't catch it when it was first released. Tonight we watched it twice.

I loved it. Mostly I loved the ending (spoiler alert) when Veronica decided to stay in Neptune; she had a great speech about rolling around in the mud. I loved hearing the full version of "We Used to be Friends" over the end credits.

On the downside, there wasn't enough Wallace or Mac. I didn't like that their first lines were to prop Piz. I didn't care at all about Veronica's romance with Piz.

Weevil had a little more than a cameo, but I was okay with that. Maybe Dick's role was too big, but it was still a supporting role and he's just comic relief. I could write another post about how he's been whitewashed to be a viable comic relief character. Logan in the Navy also seemed odd.

I had wanted to finish all Veronica Mars episodes before I watched the movie. I blew it, but most of the references were from Season 1 anyway, except for Piz and the sex tape.

Overall, it was great to see Veronica back home.

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