Friday, January 23, 2015

Welcome Home

This is the first thing my mother saw as she returned to her apartment today. Her return was a long time coming; she's been in the health center since Halloween.

Her primary injury was a broken hip: a broken vertebrae a complication. My mother had been living independently before her injury, and it took her a long time to return to a semi-independent lifestyle. She's using a walker, some contraption to help put on her socks and stockings (she needs assistance for the left foot only) a device to help her reach/pick up things, and she's still on medication. She'll continue to see an occupational therapist and will have some assistance from an aide. I'll be there to help as well.

Had a bit of a scare today--I thought maybe Mom would be stuck in the health center for a while longer. I had left the patient wing to talk to the social worker, but she wasn't in her office. When I tried to return, the code on the entry keypad had been changed. A security guard told me the center was in quarantine. After a few minutes of confusion and misinformation, a nurse told me that they had decided not to allow visitors because a few patients had some kind of respiratory infection. I was allowed back inside to assist with my mother's discharge.


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