Saturday, January 17, 2015

What We've Been Watching

We've been checking out some movies the past few weeks: Divergent, Monuments Men, Star Trek Into Darkness and The Grand Budapest Hotel. I enjoyed all of them.

I liked the idea of Divergent more than its execution. I could see how a repressive society would want to pigeonhole its citizens in an effort to control them, and how divergents who couldn't be neatly categorized would threaten that order. I couldn't help but compare the film to The Hunger Games and found Divergent lacking.

I heard a few jokes about Monuments Men on the Golden Globes show, so I guess it wasn't very successful. I liked the twist on the war film with soldiers saving art instead of waging war. One review suggested that the story would have been better as a television series than as a film. I agree that Monuments Men would make a good episodic show.

Star Trek Into Darkness was the best of the recent films we've watched. It was a fun action film that avoided special effects overkill that end up boring me. It took me awhile before I even realized that it was a reboot of The Wrath of Khan. It wasn't as predictable as many reboots are.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is the first Wes Anderson film I've seen. It was fun and quirky, but also had a sad undertone. I'll keep my eyes open for Anderson's other films when they appear on TV, though I don't think I'll seek them out.

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