Saturday, February 7, 2015

Film Round Up

Haunted Honeymoon:

About two weeks ago, I recorded Haunted Honeymoon, an adaptation of Busman's Honeymoon, a Lord Peter Wimsey mystery. Jeff and I watched it last Monday, the second snow Monday in a row.

My sister was a big Wimsey fan--that is of the Dorothy L. Sayers mysteries. I think she read all of them. I may have too, but I only remember Have His Carcase.

Apparently Haunted Honeymoon is the only Wimsey film adaptation. Ultimately, I was disappointed in it. Robert Montgomery played Wimsey. I've never cared for him anyway, but Montgomery was horribly miscast as Wimsey. The mystery also took too long to get started, though I liked the murder method.


I thought Jeff might like this movie, and I liked cast members, Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson. Neither of us liked this film. It was dumb.

The Adventures of Robin Hood:

Jeff was watching this when I got home Thursday night; I caught about an hour of the film. It had been years since I've seen it. I seem to have underestimated its appeal, because my favorite Errol Flynn swashbuckler is The Sea Hawk. But Robin Hood is quite good. I had forgotten that Basil Rathbone was Sir Guy of Gisbourne, and it was fun to see Eugene Pallette, Patric Knowles and Ian Hunter.

It reminded me of how much I love the classic Warner Brothers films.

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