Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Week in Review

My highlight of the week was going to the gym for the first time this year; I made it three times. Yea for me. More the most part, I used the weight amounts from my last few visits, but I did fewer reps. I was stiff after the second consecutive visit, meant to exercise at home (didn't) but felt pretty good on my return yesterday.

In other news, I'm sick of cold and snow. Without checking weather records, I'd say we've had only about four or five days in the past month that reached 35 degrees or higher. According to the local weather channel, normal highs are 37 degrees. There's snow that hasn't melted: piles in corners of our parking lot, along the streets, most dangerously on street corners. As I've written before, we've gotten off easy--especially compared to the Boston area--but I'm still sick of snow and cold.This week we've had snow on Sunday, flurries on Thursday and more snow starting today.

Received New York magazine with Joni Mitchell on the cover. She's dressed in a long flowing robe/dress. My first thought was she looked like Saruman from The Lord of the Rings. Obviously, I wasn't the only one to think so.

Have a quiet weekend because many of my students are on a February break. It's bad because I need to make money, but good because who wants to travel in snowy conditions.

We're pet-siting now--settled in with Spike and Jake--waiting out the latest snow storm.

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