Sunday, February 1, 2015

TCM Movie Matinee: Eyes in the Night

We stayed home on Tuesday because of the snow. After walking Spike and watching local and national news coverage of Juno, I checked out the TV listings. TCM was showing Eyes in the Night. Eyes is the first of two films about blind detective Duncan Maclain played by Edward Arnold.

The story begins when an old friend (Ann Harding) visits Mac. She's concerned because one of her old lovers is dating her young stepdaughter (Donna Reed.) The lover ends up dead, but that's only the beginning of a crazy night.

My favorite part of the film is Mac's dog, Friday. Friday is not just a guide dog; he's also a crime fighter who can manipulate doorknobs, jump into open windows and save the day.

The Hidden Eye is the second film in the series. I'm pretty sure that I saw it but can't remember anything about the movie. Eyes in the Night has the framework for a good series; I wish the series had continued.

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