Thursday, September 22, 2016

Welcome Fall, Goodbye Summer

Today is the first day of fall, my favorite season.

But this year the change is bittersweet.

I lost the summer. It disappeared in a haze of allergies, heat, humidity, frustration and fear (for a lost Lola.)  I missed out on most of the items on my list of fun things to do this summer. 

The things I managed to do:

I made it to two arts festivals: one in Mathews Park and the second in downtown Westport. It was over 90 degrees the day I went to the Westport festival--not a pleasant time to browse. The Westport Library had its book sale the same day. Sweat poured down my face, etc. even under tents.

We took Lola to other dog parks. Lake Mohegan was a success except Jeff and I forgot that part of our usual route was over a sidewalk. Usually there's very little traffic along that street. But with our luck, it was busy that day. Lola freaked and Jeff had to carry her back to the parking lot. Last weekend we took her to the dog park by the Rowayton Library. Lola enjoyed that.

Another summer thing I did that I didn't list was to make a mojito salad. 

It's still warm enough to do some summer fun things, but it appears that cooler weather will move in this weekend. I'm sure I can find other outdoor activities to enjoy, and Lola will love fall hikes.

Welcome fall.

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