Friday, September 30, 2016

What's Cooking--Birthday Edition

Last Sunday was Jeff's birthday. Usually we go out to dinner. But for the few birthdays, we went out for lunch and had a a dinner by request at home.

For Jeff's day, we first went to Rowayton dog park with Lola, then Sedona Tap House for lunch: kobe beef and pulled pork sliders, and Italiano flatbread. We returned to the dog park. Later over Moscow Mules, we caught the end of the Mets game. They beat the Phillies 17-0 in their last home game of the regular season. Happy Birthday.

Jeff had requested that I make him a vodka sauce for penne alla vodka. I had made that sauce before, but decided to look for a new recipe. Some of our friends have a food blog and I found a great penna alla vodka recipe there. It was more labor intensive than the recipe I'd used in the past, but it was well worth it. Delicious.

In the same post, I found a good appetizer: steak bites with Bloody Mary dipping sauce. This was an easy recipe. I made the full amount and served the rest of the sauce over chicken later in the week. I added a mixed green salad and we ended with a chocolate mousse cake.

A great meal for a happy day.

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