Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Three Park Day

Yesterday was the nicest day of the year. I knew it would be a great DPF. I decided to also take out Lola earlier in the day. I had two reasons: it was the nicest day of the year and I thought that if Lola got out earlier, maybe she'd be more sociable at DPF.

Around 1, we headed to Mathews Park. If Lola gets over her fear of walking on sidewalks, we could walk there--it's about four blocks away. She likes Pine Island Cemetery. The Norwalk portion of the Norwalk River Valley Trail goes from Pine Island Cemetery to Oystershell Park; we did a lap there and returned to Mathews.

I was proud of Lola for her ease in crossing the street. When we first approached it from the cemetery, she pulled back. Just our luck, a bunch of cars passed by. Normally the street isn't that busy. After that initial hesitation, she was fine. Progress.

Later we went to Taylor Farm for DPF. We walked around the perimeter of the back field before joining our friends. It was a great day.

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