Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Anniversary to Lola!

We celebrate one year with Lola today. We wanted to go for a hike at Lake Mohegan or Babcock Preserve, followed by a visit to Sedona Tap House. Unfortunately, it was raining when we walked outside. We decided to try the part of the Norwalk River Valley Trail that Lola and I visited Thursday from Sharp Hill Road to Twin Oak Lane. The rain stopped and we enjoyed a walk of about 40 minutes.

Lola is standing in form of a display of "hero rocks."

To the left of the rocks is a sitting area (although hard to make out in this photo.)

On the way home, I saw signs for the Wilton Library Book Sale. I ran in while Jeff and Lola explored Schenck's Island. I had recently discovered Schenck's but didn't know how nice it was. Lola and I will return: three of ten.

It started raining again, so we couldn't dine outside at Sedona Tap House. We picked up a steak sandwich and fries and had a late lunch at home.

Now I'm headed into the kitchen to make duck breast and salmon for a special dinner.

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