Sunday, May 14, 2017

Reading Update

I've hit my goal of reading 12 books this year--just about a third of the year through. Since my last reading post, I've read two books.

Deep Pockets by Linda Barnes: I enjoyed this Carlotta Carlyle mystery. A Harvard professor is being blackmailed over an affair with a student who died under gruesome circumstances. But things aren't what they seem.

I had forgotten about Roz, Carlotta's tenant, house cleaner and Internet searcher extraordinaire. I'm not sure why--she's memorable. I previously wrote that Kinsey and VI were involved with musicians. Carlotta had been married to a musician like Kinsey. VI is seeing one (as of the last book I read in the series Brush Back.) I learned in Deep Pockets that Carlotta had a baby and put him/her up for adoption when she was 15. I wonder how that will impact Carlotta in the future. It informs part of her relationship with "little sister" Paolina, but isn't simply a case of cause and effect.

A Dog's Life by Peter Mayle: My mother-in-law recommended and lent me this book. As its title implies, it's a story of a dog's life from a rough beginning to finding good home. His observations on human dinner parties are funny.

On Friday, I got the latest Sara Paretsky book, Fallout. I've only read the first chapter so not much to report.

My brother lent me Game of Thrones. I had read it on the kindle as part of a four book package. I prefer the old fashioned feel of books. Also books are easier to browse than Kindles (especially four book packages.) It should be interesting to re-read Game of Thrones after watching the show.

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