Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Today's Trail

Today Lola and I headed back to Wilton. We picked up what I thought was a trail from a commuter lot on Route 7. It's hard to see on this map because I can't zoom in. It seems to be part of a proposed route for the Norwalk River Valley Trail. I saw pink colored plastic pieces tied on trees. A preliminary blaze?

The current path is narrow and overgrown. We walked over logs and branches (Lola went under a few.) After 12 minutes, we turned around. A tree had fallen and branches blocked our way forward. Someone had been there before us. I saw a few beer cans, that I later used to help navigate back to the commuter lot.

I'm not going to count this as one of ten new hiking areas for 2017. It was a bit too rugged, and there were too many ticks. I took three off Lola and two off myself.


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