Sunday, May 14, 2017

Miscellaneous Mother's Day Musings

Once again my mother screwed up my mother's day plans.

It was tough figuring out what to do with her. She doesn't like to go to restaurants; she doesn't even enjoy eating. Jeff was spending the day with his mother; my brother had to go out of state to pick up furniture or something. Eventually, I decided to cook crab cakes from Bon Ton's and make a Caesar salad. My mother likes both items on my short menu.

I called last night to confirm. I didn't set a specific time for lunch. I told mom that I wanted to go to the gym in the morning. I wouldn't be there before 12, but would call when I was ready to leave home.

I got up at 8:30, lingered over coffee and writing my journal and made a protein drink before going to the gym. I had an abbreviated workout (no cardio) then headed to Shoprite. I needed romaine for the salad and wanted to get some flowers. I picked up freshly dipped chocolate strawberries, a dozen roses and a small orchid. I had to shower, dress, clean lettuce, grate the Parmesan cheese, make cocktail sauce, and pack up the ingredients.

At 12:45 I got into the car and called mom. She said she had already eaten lunch. She claimed she had no idea when I was coming and figured I was coming for dinner instead of lunch. She forgot last night's conversation. So why didn't she call me? Why did she just make assumptions? Her assumptions are always wrong. I was so angry--still angry when I arrived at her place. Glad that I had gotten the strawberries and flowers. But my main gift idea was wasted.

I ate salad by myself and my mother served ice cream for dessert. We visited for about two hours.

I took Lola to hike at the Norwalk River Valley Trail. As soon as we left the car, I felt raindrops. We only walked for about 15 minutes because the rain got stronger. The rain turned into a sunshower, our second in the past month. Before I was even halfway home, the rain had stopped. I felt bad for Lola, but was wet and uncomfortable and wanted to come home.

At that point, the Mets were ahead of the Brewers by 7-1. They ended up losing 11-9--a sweep. I had seen a newspaper at the gym Friday with the headline: Why does God hate the Mets? I hadn't heard about Jeurys Familia's blood clot. Maybe the curse that I speculated about has been re-animated.

Speaking of the gym, I broke my pattern of going to the gym four times a week after three consecutive weeks. It's my fault. I had dressed for the gym on Monday morning. But by the time I was ready to leave, it was 9:30. I blew off the gym because I had to do six loads of laundry (postponed from Friday because of brown water in our pipes) and go food shopping. At the time, I didn't know that my mother had an appointment with her eye doctor on Wednesday. Yes, I could have gotten up at 5 AM on Wednesday to go to the gym or could have gone Wednesday afternoon, or even at 5 AM Saturday, but I knew that none of these options were likely. I don't care about the streak that much. I still managed three gym visits this week and several walks/hikes with Lola, so I'm good. I went to the gym this morning: a good start to the week.

I met with two new tutoring students this week: another good thing. Both are prepping for the SAT. I've done ACT exclusively for the past several months. It's good to work on the SAT because I'm teaching a SAT class in July.

And so it goes.

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