Monday, April 28, 2014

Canine Convalescent Confidential

Spike is recovering nicely from his surgery on Friday. He was a bit groggy when I brought him home late Friday afternoon, but seemed back to normal by Saturday evening.

He didn't need a donut or cone; they would have rubbed against his sutures. Our vet tech suggested we get Spike a harness to avoid his collar irritating his stitches. She also suggested a toddler turtleneck to keep him from scratching. I found the harness without any trouble, but couldn't find a turtleneck. (I guess they're out of season.) Instead I got him a short sleeve, collared golf shirt. He's shown no inclination to scratch; so far so good.

Today was beautiful and I would have loved to take Spike to the dog park. But, he needs to avoid horseplay for another week or so. We're also supposed to avoid stairs. Maybe it would have been easier if we had scheduled the surgery in the winter, but we can handle another week or so.

We made the right decision to get the surgery, and can't wait until he's back to normal.

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