Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Movie Nights

Haven't written about movies that we watched for a while. Here's a round-up.

I wasn't particularly interested in seeing this, but Jeff recorded it. I've gotten tired of Tom Cruise (maybe unfairly due to aspects of his personal life.) I liked the concept of the movie--we have the ultimate unreliable narrator because he is being fed a lie--his whole existence. I also liked the bleak cinematography and the bit of romance at the heart of the film. I found myself getting bored in the big action sequence--never a good sign.  Melissa Leo is in the film and I love her; it get points for that.

The Great Gatsby
This film had a lot of hype going in, but I didn't hear much about it after it premiered. I liked it. The casting was good, the parties were appropriately opulent. I never got the appeal of Daisy, but maybe that's the point.

The Heat
I was psyched to see this one. It didn't live up to my expectations based on the hype, but I enjoyed it. I liked the female buddy movie form--not sure if I've seen that before. I laughed out loud a few times.

Man of Steel
Best of the various Superman films for me, though I haven't seen Superman Returns--didn't buy the casting. Amy Adams is one of my favorites, and her Lois was more of a reporter than I remember from other incarnations.

Pacific Rim
Tonight's Saturday night HBO premiere. I hated the first 15 minutes or so; it just seemed so stupid. I think the design of the jaeger/hunter is inefficient--it reminds me of the walkers in The Empire Strikes Back. For awhile, I got into the movie--the whole set up of the defunded, underground jaeger team. I loved the bull dog, too. At one point, I realized that the movie had 45 minutes left when I was ready for it to end. This film lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes--too long for me.

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