Friday, April 18, 2014

Red Letter Days

Sunday, April 13
The Purple Wedding on Game of Thrones--Weddings can be lethal in Westeros. This wedding had a well-deserved casualty--King Joffrey. The Purple Wedding had a minimal death count, especially compared to the Red Wedding. It was gruesome, but satisfying.

Monday, April 14
Turner Classic Movies' 20th anniversary kicked off with the re-broadcast of Gone With The Wind, the first film it ever aired. TCM is one of my favorite channels: I regularly check it to see what's showing. TCM now owns the Warner Brothers library, so it's one of the best places to catch Bette Davis movies.

Tuesday, April 15
Tax Day--not exactly a holiday. Well, maybe it's like a holiday when you have obligations with family members you don't like. My father worked for the IRS, and I bought him a magnet with a slightly altered reproduction of Munch's The Scream with various mathematical equations and the words: April 15th. That magnet sums it up precisely.

Jackie Robinson Day--In 1947, April 15th was baseball's Opening Day and Jackie Robinson's Major League debut. My beloved Mets' Shea Stadium
commemorated the event in 1997. It's been celebrated throughout baseball for the last 10 years.

Thursday, April 16--The Mets completed their first sweep of the year against the Arizona Diamondbacks. They also secured their first winning record of the season.Small steps. I also read  this article. The Mets are "set up splendidly" for the long term by not shooting themselves in their feet with expensive, long-term contracts.We just need to be patient. I hope it's true.

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