Saturday, March 28, 2015

Netflix Movie Nights: Snowpiercer and World War Z


I had never heard of this film until I read a comment on Shakesville and decided to watch it. This gist is that an attempt to combat global warming backfired, freezing the entire world. The survivors boarded a train on an endless loop around the world.

The train is divided among class lines: Curtis (Chris Evans) from the back of the train--the "ghetto"--reluctantly leads a revolution. His plan: get to the front of the train and confront Wilford (Ed Harris) the leader of this new world.

I liked how the drastic class divide is shown as Curtis advances through the train cars: greenhouse, aquarium, schoolroom for the children of the affluent. I loved the cast which also included Tilda Swinton and Octavia Spencer.

I can suspend disbelief about a train running continually around the world. However, I did question two things: people thinking that eating insect-derived food is gross after many of those people resorted to cannibalism in the first days on the train. Also, why would John Hurt as Wilford's partner agree to live in the wretched conditions at the rear of the train?

World War Z

I'm not a zombie fan: mindless slow-moving hordes who eat brains don't interest me. But I suggested this film last Saturday night. It was pretty good: but I can't remember many details about it. So, maybe it wasn't that good after all. Well, it was enjoyable as it lasted. That's more than many films can claim. Basically, Brad Pitt saves the world when he figures out that zombies don't eat diseased people.

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