Sunday, March 29, 2015

What's Cooking?

Last fall, Jeff got some mint pesto at the farmer's market. We weren't sure what to do with it, so we froze it.

Recently I googled recipes for mint pesto. Many involved lamb, which we don't have. Plus I have to be in the mood for lamb. So I checked out chicken-mint pesto recipes, and found this, a variation on another recipe. Then I made a few changes to the variation of the original.

We didn't have arugula (plus Jeff doesn't like it.)  I used the full amounts of wine, lemon and garlic, but half the bean and chicken. The full amount of lemon was a mistake, and I should have used more chicken. I used canned beans instead of dried beans and reduced the cooking time. Because I reduced the cooking time, I browned the chicken before baking it.

It was still very good, although a bit too lemony. I expected the mint pesto to be sweeter than it was. I'll make adjustments next time.

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