Thursday, January 14, 2016

Powerball Dreaming

I don't usually play the lottery, but I'll occasionally buy a ticket when the jackpot is big. $1.586 billion is pretty big.

Jeff and I each got $20 worth of tickets in two separate stores in adjacent strip malls a few hours before the drawing. We didn't talk much about what we would do with our winnings. We had fantasized about such things years ago. We mentioned buying a place in Litchfield County and maybe a winery. I said I wanted to travel.

Early this morning, I knew we weren't among the big winners. But I heard there was a million dollar winner in Connecticut. It wasn't me, but I didn't know where Jeff's tickets were. He could have been a winner. He wasn't.

But two of my numbers matched the powerball. $8 is better than nothing.

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