Friday, January 15, 2016

The Books on my Nightstand: Revisited

In October, I listed the books that I was reading. I finished the last one about two weeks ago.

Writing a Woman's Life is more of a scholarly work than the books I usually read. Reading it before bed is not the best way to approach this book. I had to go back and reread things. I enjoyed the discussion of Dorothy Sayers.

Rereading Film Noir The Dark Side of the the Screen was fun because I had been watching films noir this summer. But I skimmed it more than carefully read it.

I also skimmed  Hollywood Be Thy Name The Warner Brothers Story. The main thing I took from the book is that Jack Warner was an ass. It didn't have as much information about the stars (especially Bette Davis) as I would have liked.

I didn't care for Simply Southern. I stuck with it because it was a gift from my mother-in-law. Plus the author inscribed the book to me. The author's "good old girl" persona bugged me; the worst insult she could come up with was to call someone a Yankee.

Big Girls Don't Cry was the best of the bunch. It's a fascinating analysis of key women in the 2008 race: Hillary Clinton, Michele Obama, Sarah Palin and Elizabeth Edwards among others. I'll make sure to read more of Rebecca Traister's work.

Time to pick the next batch of books. 

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