Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ten Good Things

I'm giving myself a challenge--to list 10 good things about this week.

1.  I've been getting decent nights' sleep (still need more, but if I do wake up in the middle of the night, I can go back to sleep.)

2.  I've had a good exercise routine--worked out daily since last Monday--three gym visits and three work-outs here.

3.   On Monday, I made some vegetable broth, chili and a very good pumpkin-apple-carrot soup.

4.  Jeff and I met a cute beagle on Wednesday--and she'll soon be eligible for adoption.

5.  I won the lottery (only $8, but I am a winner.)

6.  I finished a request explaining why I should get a raise (at least the first draft that I gave to my manager for feedback.)

7.  I started a docent project that I've been putting off for about two months.

8.  Jeff started a major cleaning project in the second bedroom and inspired me.

9.  We had a delicious dinner via Blue Apron: Korean Tteok and Spicy Pork "Ragu."

10. I resumed blogging.

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