Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hello Spring!

Yesterday was the first day of spring. Here in southwestern Connecticut, it started out cold, but later warmed to spring-like weather. The biggest downside to feeling spring-like is the mounds of snow everywhere. Yesterday at Taylor Farm Lola and I had to negotiate icy puddles, snow, slush and mud. Not much fun.

Today was warmer. I selected Cove Island--thinking it would be less muddy and slushy because of  its paved trails. I made a good choice. There was much less snow at Cove Island than at Taylor Farm. Plus we could actually walk on the beach. All of these elements combined to make it feel spring-like.

Today is Naw-Ruz, Bahai and Persian New Year. I learned more about this holiday in the Sunday New York Times. It's a day of optimism, hyacinths and family. The tradition is to visit relatives in order from oldest to youngest. Each home visited had a haft sin--a display of seven symbolic items meant to bring health, wealth and love. Often the seven would include lentils and gold fish.

I'll have to think about what our seven items would be.


Schizophrenic (or Jekyll and Hyde) springs appear to be the new norm. Disclosure: I'm watching the Fredric March version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as I write this. Sad to say, but we've broken the weather.

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