Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Stella--The Aftermath

Ugh. I de-iced my car yesterday and did some shoveling to free it. But we have only one shovel, and it was more important for Jeff to get to work this morning. I should have gone back outside after Jeff finished. Instead I had a drink and made dinner.

My car is one of the few that still has snow behind it. I just spent about 10-15 minutes shoveling. I'll go back outside in another hour or so and do some more work.

Round Two: Another few minutes and another few shovelfuls of snow. Not sure I'll make it out to the park today.

Round 3: I made more progress, but there were still large slabs of recalcitrant ice and snow underneath my car. I might have made it out, but I envisioned myself getting caught on a slab halfway out of my parking space. The wind was gusty and it was snowing again. 

So here we remain. I didn't really need to go out today, but wanted to do something fun for Lola. She'll have to wait until tomorrow. 

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