Friday, March 31, 2017

On Writing

I think of myself as a writer although I often question it.

Mainly because I don't write enough. I journal most days but more often than not my journal's just a glorified to-do list.

Sometimes I find myself narrating my actions a la James Leer (played by Tobey Maguire) in Wonder Boys. Unlike James, I narrate only to myself, not out loud.

One day last week I was thinking that I was in the shower for a long time. I felt a little guilty because we've been in drought. I remembered the planet Arrakis of the book Dune: no showers there. I then got an idea about a woman who had a weekly water allotment. Later that day I wrote a few sentences.

I kept thinking about the story, wrote a little more. Wednesday I wrote a little more: I now have 478 words. It's not much: a vignette rather than a short story. But I'm happy to be writing something more than a journal again. I have several of these vignettes, partial stories, whatever.

Revisiting these vignettes/stories may help me write more.

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