Monday, March 13, 2017

The Weeks That Were

How did I go almost two weeks without posting? I seem to have regressed into my funk, doing only the minimum day-to-day requirements and finding some kind of solace in playing Yahtzee and watching bad TV (e.g. Bravo and Jersey Shore marathons.) I'm not proud to write that.

Last week I decided that I should write a positive post--a list of good things. I never got around to it. Positive things will be at least part of this post. Let's start there.

Vermont men's basketball has completed a sweep of the America East playoffs. They're in the NCAA Tournament. This will be the first time for Kurt, so we're excited for him. It's been a great season: Vermont is undefeated in conference play; Kurt has career totals of 1000 points, 500 rebounds, and 200 three-pointers.

We've had several warm days between several windy, cold ones. Lola and I took long walks at Cranbury, Winslow and Cove Island  Parks. I miss the neighborhood walks that Spike and I took. But park visits with Lola are pretty awesome too. We even went on the yellow trail at Cranbury; Lola's been wanting to walk that trail for weeks.

I returned to the gym last Friday. It wasn't as hard as I expected. A return visit after a break is usually brutal. But I deliberately took it easy. That was the same day Lola and I hiked the yellow trail. I was pretty tired by the climb back up the green trail.

I visited the gym again today. Again, a light workout and later in the day, a long hike at Cranbury.

I finished my tax paperwork and took it to the accountant on February 28th--I think that's a world record for me. We're getting a refund from the federal government but owe Connecticut. We'll be up about $60. Better than owing money, but a bigger refund would have been appreciated.

Watching some spring training baseball. It's giving me hopes for the Mets season and warmer weather.

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