Friday, February 28, 2014

February Television

I watch too much TV. That's my own assessment, not some expert pronouncement. Sometimes it bothers me and I cut back on TV watching. Other times, I just shrug it off.

This February the Olympics dominated the prime time schedule. Jeff and I watched some ice-skating and skiing, even a little curling, but I realized that we were watching sports that we wouldn't normally watch.

Why? It was convenient. I wonder if most people watch as we do: watch events because they're easy to watch: i.e. they are shown during prime time, and the other network shows are showing reruns. I doubt the Olympic ratings would be as high if they competed against first-run programming. We got bored with the events after a while.

We've been watching Almost Human. Jeff likes more than I do, but I enjoy the futuristic setting. Plus Karl Urban.

Girls started its third season. In many ways, Girls reminds me of Sex and the City. I don't mean the NYC setting, the number of or characteristics of the main characters. I mean that I don't really like any of the characters, but I'm interested enough to watch to see what happens.

We started to watch a new sci fi and Sy Fy show, Helix. It started off well but now seems a bit incoherent. But we'll keep watching; I think there are only a few episodes left.

Now, reality TV. Let's stick with SyFy--Face-Off has started its sixth season. I enjoy the show, but the previous season just ended in November. It may be too soon for another. I mean how many special effects artists are there?  I also miss some of the challenges from the earlier seasons, such as face painting, beauty and old-age make-ups. The recent seasons have focused too much on creature make-ups.

The commercials for Opposite Worlds during Face-Off intrigued us enough to watch the show. The show itself--not so intriguing. But we still watched all the episodes. One team lived in a house of the future with all the amenities. including a hot tub and champagne. The other team lived in a cave-like environment, and had to split wood, start their own fires and cook their own food. The concept was flawed because players in the future had too many advantages over those in the past. The challenges were poorly planned and dangerous. Plus, you didn't got to know the personalities of many of the players. The host emphasized the social media aspects of the show, but they weren't adequately explained.

I also have to confess that I watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I can't say why; the characters (and I do mean characters) are annoying. Most of the show is focused on minor slights and insults that aren't worth discussing. But the characters do discuss these slights, endlessly.

I can't wait until Game of Throne returns--in just over a month. That will be good TV.

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